Secure Resource Discovery in an ad hoc environment using M2MI

What is MINI?

MINI is a secure resource advertisment and discovery protocol and implementation. The current system is built on the Java Many-to-many Invocation (M2MI) system. M2MI allows you to make remote proceduce calls on an ad-hoc network without prior knowledge of what nodes are present on the network.

What is the status of MINI?

The current release of MINI functions reasonably well and can be considered early-beta. There are a couple of example applications included. See the files section of the project page for release information. The Java version of MINI is stalled while we work on the Python version.

What is the future of MINI?

We are currently implementing an M2MI-like system for the Python programming language. Once this is mature enough to support MINI development, the existing MINI code base will be ported to Python. Python is quicker to develop in that Java (for someone proficient in both at least), is platform agnostic (like Java), has many Very Good™ features (see the Python homepage for details) that make it a desirable programming language, and can even generate Java byte-code! (Python M2MI and MINI do not currently work with Jython, but it will when Jython incorporates features from the latest CPython). Further information on the Python implementation of M2MI is available here.

How do I help with MINI?

Take a look at the sourceforge project page and there may be some bugs or feature requests waiting for an implementer. You can contact any of the developers for information getting added to the developer list.
Visit the project page